Frozen time, Star Wars d20


When we last left our heroes, they had narrowly escaped destruction on the asteroid, LaMarvin was nowhere to be found, and everyone had questions. Captain Smithson, nursing his several wounds, groaned as the scanner’s showed the imperial transport heading off into space. Turning to face the group he shrugged

“So, who the hell are you?”

The party faltered slightly before introducing themselves, The tall warrior carrying the ancient looking blaster pistols shook his head “I’m Aiden Baail maybe you heard of me? My friend Raj and I were the ones who saved the republic in the Mandalorian wars.”
The captain turned his head “The what?”

Clearly confused Aiden tried to continue, but was cut off by the young Bothan, Tyco. “We have to get to courascant, I have to go and tell the jedi council about what happened, the clones are turning on us!”

The captain, more and more confused by the second shook his head “If we go to Courascant, the Empire will kill us, and there is no Jedi council, no more jedis really, ever since Vader and the Emperor killed them all…”

Tyco blanked for a moment “W-…What?”

So the captain told the story of how the clone wars ended, the murder of all the Jedi, the purge of the Jedi temple, and the Chancellor’s ascent to the throne.

Tyco looked defeated “Master Mundi?”

“Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was killed on Mygeeto by the 501st imperial regiment. I’m sorry.”
The Bothan fell silent, and withdrew into himself as Aiden was finally able to continue “I don’t have the slightest idea what is being said, but does no one know that Coruscant was destroyed by the Sith? Out of the way, let me look in your data banks.”

As Aiden went through the data banks he began to look confused “No…this can’t be right.” He searched more before stopping, slowly, and turning to the captain. “What date is it?”

The captain immediately answered going over to the monitor where Aiden was standing, leafing through its data banks. “It’s 3650 ATC, the Mandalorian wars, if you are who you say you are, then the Mandalorian wars were almost four thousand years ago…But this has a classical picture of the War heroes of that war.” Directing Aiden and Raj to the screen, he pulled up an old data-paint.
In its water colored walls were four men, one of them labeled “Adden bhall” was riding atop a primitive beast, a long thick mustache sprawling from his broad face, his huge body nearly ripping out of his organic, cotton based uniform. The other three figures were a male Twi’lek labeled “Alan Ard” a human looking creature with guns for arms, labeled “Prince Jonathan” and a Gungan, no entry for that figure however.

Raj watched in silence as Aiden shook his head “Well…” the captain placed a reassuring arm on his shoulder “easy there killer, we’ll get it sorted out.” Turning to Popeye, he asked what happened on the asteroid, and so he recounted the adventure to the captain, who was astounded at their discovery, turning to the Bothan, Wait, you really are a Jedi?"

The Bothan looked up and nodded “A padawan…I was just about to take my trials however..”
The feeling in the ship grew excited, electricity crackled through the air. The captain started “We must get to Yavin, please, have the doctor take a look at you, I will notify you when we are close to our destination.”

So the ship accelerated to hyper space, the party’s wounds tended to by the medical officer, but their minds very much wounded by the news that what they had known, who they had been, was history now.

Part one

Along time ago, in a Galaxy far far away, there was….STAR WARS….

A small corvete drifted silently through space, it’s three man crew dispatched by Jaba the Hutt to collect a secret arms cahe that had recently been uncovered from imperial communications. The group, made up of Lamarvin, a Mon Calamri, Popeye, the agitated human, and Bruce the Wookie. Their target was on an ancient asteroid, one lost to the galaxy for some time now, but as they closed in, lights flickered on, revealing the ghostly architecture of the construction in dim blue lights. As a landing pad began to open up, the group decided that a mission was a mission, and decided to land.

Always quick to react to things, Bruce the Wookie tried to stomp on the door until it opened, failing to do so, he tried the console controls nearby, which lent him more success. Popeye and Bruce elected to go scout out the asteroid while LaMarvin kept the ship running, a testament to their trust of ghostly asteroids. As the group advanced inside it’s eerily silent halls, dim lights flickered on, revealing a large cavern, dusty and quiet, the two looked for any signs of dangers, finding none, they continued along the path with weapons drawn. Eventually it led them into a large room, which, upon their entrance, was bathed in immense light from lights built into the walls, the light revealing three huge blocks of something.

Bruce, being adventurous, quickly ran up to, and promptly poked, one of the blocks. The block revealing upon closer inspection, a human shaped form, the other two showed the same, they concluded that it must be people, frozen in carbonite. The first, on the far left, revealed a man with what looked like a cigar in his hand, glaring into his rocky chamber. The second, in the middle, revealed a small Bothan looking creature, cloaked in robes. The third, on the far right, revealed a tall skelatle man, crouched over in what seems to be a coughing fit. Bruce an Popeye, looked around and debated on what to do for some time, when a computer monitor started to blink nearby. Approaching the device, popeye Frowned and began typing commands into the archaic thing. Revealing the dossiers of the people frozen in carbonite:

Raj Raj Sknib-Arkanian.

Tyco Ker’lan- Bothan.
Padawan, frozen under orders from Commander Rollen, Regional Clone Commander.

Aiden Baail – Echani

Sighing, the two decided to enter the ‘thaw’ command. Releasing the group from their prison. One by one, the blocks thawed, the Bothan and Echani stepping from their casings shambling, but under control, their eyes blind from the freezing. Raj Raj, the Arkanian however, tripped and fell out of his cage, making a slight yelp as he hit the ground. Electing a call from Aiden

“Raj?! Alma!? Guys I can’t see!”

Bruce, meanwhile had drawn his bowcaster and let out a warning growl, Popeye had done likewise and was glaring at the freed people, Tyco, sensing the danger tried to rip the weapon from the Wookie’s hands with the force, but failed due to Bruce’s immense strength. In the midst of this slight combat, a blue skinned Twi’lek emerged from one of the cavernous rooms. Moving swiftly from one side to the other, she was quickly engaged by Popeye, who led off with a simple
“Hey baby, what are you doing in a place like this?”

Ignoring him, the Twi’lek went single-mindedly towards the console and started to enter commands rapidly. Scorned by her lack of interest the human tried to intimidate her, as the Wookie did likewise, failing to attract her attention, Bruce smashed the computer she was typing with his massive strength. Glancing at the Wookie direction, she moved to the Echani and started to speak

“Aiden, Raj, I know this will seem strange but you have been-” Aiden started to interrupt her, demanding to know what was happening. Not stopping, the Twi’lek continued.

“In order to protect the galaxy from an imbalance in the force, Revan and I will-” She was again interrupted, but this time, by the blind fist of the Echani warrior, which collided with her skin, but passed through, instead, impacting the metallic surface of a projection droid’s cpu. The metallic body swayed slightly, it’s image of the Twi’lek flickering “You’re our only hope.” it managed in a distorted voice before collapsing to the ground, smoke rising from its ruined processor.
The group started to introduce themselves then, realizing that they weren’t hostile to each other, they tried to work out what was happening, Raj had fallen quiet at this point, and Tyco and Aiden were still blind from the carbonite as the computer started to flicker, a red blinking light showing on it’s cracked monitor. Examining it, Popeye read the following from it’s shattered glass.

As he read this the rest of the party noticed blaster fire coming from the main room, looking around the edge, the group discovered that the Empire’s finest, the dreaded Storm Troopers, battling against a small group of men in mismatched uniforms and weapons, a wookie among their number. While Popeye brought the news of the computer screen to the group, Tyco regained his vision and realized his lightsaber was nowhere to be found. Sensing it with the force he walked into the cavern the robot had came from and found a crate of weapons and armor, some of it being very old, he called it to the attention of the disgruntled Echani and Arkanian, who were in the midst of arguing about the proper way to proceed.

After the group suited up, the asteroid began to shudder, it’s construction not withstanding the explosives left within it’s core. Tyco recognized the stark white of clone troopers and called to them, gaining the attention of one who immediately engaged the largest target, Bruce. As the shot collided with him, three rapid shots struck down the Storm Trooper, as well as the computer monitor, propelled by the force. As the Trooper toppled over, Aiden put his hand on Tyco’s shoulder

“Son…I don’t think they’re friendly…whoever they are.”

An imperial officer, garbed in their green saw this display of power and began to call to the group.

“Come with us, we’re here to save you!”

The group muttered their responses to each other.

“Are you with the republic?” Aiden called out.

Groaning, the officer rubbed his head "Erm…Yes, we are with the republic, in a way, come with us! noticing the garb of the smugglers standing with them he added quickly “We’ll pay you!”

As the conversation took place, another man, one garbed in an old captain’s uniform called out
“No! Don’t go with them, they’re the empire! they’ll kill you, all of you! I’m Captain Smithson, of the Alliance, come with me!”

Put off by the comment of pay, the group decided to side with Smithson, and the supposed alliance. Aiden leading the way, firing at Storm Troopers with his dual ion pistols. Managing to move into place beside Smithson. Raj Raj moved a few meters and attempted to shoot into the fray, but missed, his vision still put off by the carbonite. The rest of the group were glancing nervously around as the imperial captain cursed and threw a frag grenade into their midst, the explosion dealing more than enough damage to spur them into action as they all sprinted to the rebel lines, making it swiftly into the landing bay.

Aiden meanwhile was stuck trying to provide covering fire, but not before taking a shot into the center mass, causing him to cough and sputter before moving. Raj decided it time to run as he took off, leaving Aiden and the rebel captain the most exposed. Smithson looked to Aiden and swore quietly

“You go, I’ll hold them off.” He managed as he began to spray the imperial lines, his blaster fire overcoming the groaning and shuddering of the asteroid.

The imperials took note and laid four blaster shots into the man, causing him to collapse backwards in pain. Never losing his cool though, he kept firing into them, as one of his men came up to help him back, the Wookie leapt into the Troopers ranks and promptly beat one to death. As the Captain regained his footing, Aiden too made a run for it, emerging into the landing bay to see explosions flaring from the walls, he looked back in time to see the Wookie take five shots into it’s rippling fur. Sending it stumbling back as it collapsed with one last proud roar, dead.
The captain shambled up with support of one of his men, he screamed.

WIth only a slight delay with thought of Lamarvin, the group boarded and strapped in, watching the view screen of the pilot as he hammered in commands to his console. As the ship lifted off, the group watched the asteroid become enveloped in angry red flames. Past these however, the group noticed an imperial transport lifting off in the distance, surviving the destruction.


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