Frozen time, Star Wars d20



When we last left our heroes, they had narrowly escaped destruction on the asteroid, LaMarvin was nowhere to be found, and everyone had questions. Captain Smithson, nursing his several wounds, groaned as the scanner’s showed the imperial transport heading off into space. Turning to face the group he shrugged

“So, who the hell are you?”

The party faltered slightly before introducing themselves, The tall warrior carrying the ancient looking blaster pistols shook his head “I’m Aiden Baail maybe you heard of me? My friend Raj and I were the ones who saved the republic in the Mandalorian wars.”
The captain turned his head “The what?”

Clearly confused Aiden tried to continue, but was cut off by the young Bothan, Tyco. “We have to get to courascant, I have to go and tell the jedi council about what happened, the clones are turning on us!”

The captain, more and more confused by the second shook his head “If we go to Courascant, the Empire will kill us, and there is no Jedi council, no more jedis really, ever since Vader and the Emperor killed them all…”

Tyco blanked for a moment “W-…What?”

So the captain told the story of how the clone wars ended, the murder of all the Jedi, the purge of the Jedi temple, and the Chancellor’s ascent to the throne.

Tyco looked defeated “Master Mundi?”

“Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was killed on Mygeeto by the 501st imperial regiment. I’m sorry.”
The Bothan fell silent, and withdrew into himself as Aiden was finally able to continue “I don’t have the slightest idea what is being said, but does no one know that Coruscant was destroyed by the Sith? Out of the way, let me look in your data banks.”

As Aiden went through the data banks he began to look confused “No…this can’t be right.” He searched more before stopping, slowly, and turning to the captain. “What date is it?”

The captain immediately answered going over to the monitor where Aiden was standing, leafing through its data banks. “It’s 3650 ATC, the Mandalorian wars, if you are who you say you are, then the Mandalorian wars were almost four thousand years ago…But this has a classical picture of the War heroes of that war.” Directing Aiden and Raj to the screen, he pulled up an old data-paint.
In its water colored walls were four men, one of them labeled “Adden bhall” was riding atop a primitive beast, a long thick mustache sprawling from his broad face, his huge body nearly ripping out of his organic, cotton based uniform. The other three figures were a male Twi’lek labeled “Alan Ard” a human looking creature with guns for arms, labeled “Prince Jonathan” and a Gungan, no entry for that figure however.

Raj watched in silence as Aiden shook his head “Well…” the captain placed a reassuring arm on his shoulder “easy there killer, we’ll get it sorted out.” Turning to Popeye, he asked what happened on the asteroid, and so he recounted the adventure to the captain, who was astounded at their discovery, turning to the Bothan, Wait, you really are a Jedi?"

The Bothan looked up and nodded “A padawan…I was just about to take my trials however..”
The feeling in the ship grew excited, electricity crackled through the air. The captain started “We must get to Yavin, please, have the doctor take a look at you, I will notify you when we are close to our destination.”

So the ship accelerated to hyper space, the party’s wounds tended to by the medical officer, but their minds very much wounded by the news that what they had known, who they had been, was history now.



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